A Quick Snapshot

Our goal is to help you identify and unlock opportunities to drive additional value in your business and your career.

We do three things

  • Programmes And Resource Hubs
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Friday’s Question

Programmes And Resource Hubs

Our Business Leader Reflection Tools help Chief Executive Officers and Entrepreneurs identify and implement steps to drive improved performance in the organisations they lead. The Entrepreneur programme also includes perspectives on building a business for sale.

Our Department Leader Programmes help function leaders enhance their commercial and leadership contributions, career prospects and marketability. Role specific programmes exist for Human Resources Leaders, Finance Leaders, Technology Leaders, Operations Leaders and Learning Leaders.

Our Customer Facing Professionals Programmes help individuals enhance their commercial contributions by helping them better understand prospect and client organisations, develop opportunities and enhance the quality of their engagement with decision makers. Role specific programmes exist for professionals in sales, professional services, operations, recruitment and learning.

Our Resources Hub Subscriptions help the development of individuals with on demand topic based thought provocation and development. Hubs exist for department leaders and for customer facing professionals.

Our Personal Growth Programme and our Personal Growth Resource Hub help professionals to develop their careers and embrace the exciting opportunities and challenges of our time.

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Speaking Engagements

Our content, insights and methodologies encapsulate the lessons of over three decades of international business experience, engagement with over 150 operating businesses around the world, over 50 acquisition projects and related research, observation and reflection by our Founder, Rob Evans. Rob speaks at conferences, events and team meetings.

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Friday’s Question

In January 2021 we began posing a question every friday.

Our aim is to encourage regular reflection, provoke thought, share some perspectives and above all else be a catalyst for positive actions that help you, your colleagues and your organisation succeed.

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